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Rana Plaza accident is one of the most horrible industrial tragedies in the history of Bangladesh and the world. This tragedy proves how some people’s greed for extra profit and total disregard for safety might result in such monumental loss of life, destroys hopes of thousands of families and put the economy of a country in tremendous pressure. We should learn from this tragic event. We should all work together to prevent such event to occur again. The site of Rana Plaza should be announced as a ‘site of conscience’ to create consciousness among owners and workers to prevent such future event.

After the rana plaza tragedy, we, Shankalan Bangladesh have taken steps on rehabilitation of victim workers of this accident and of some other industrial accidents. We ran rescue operations, provided medical support, installed medical camps, and for rehabilitation purpose we also created a worker owned factory named ‘Oporajeo’. We also created a free school named ‘Shonkolon Pathshala’ to provide education for the workers children’s.We also have started small scale training courses to provide trained and professional workers in the garments industry. We plan to do it larger scale in the future. Our aim is to create proper working environment by eliminating owner-worker conflict through this trainings.

Conscious of all class of people on this issue is highly necessary. So, we want to announce Rana Plaza as a site of conscience to improve consciousness. For this, we are going to create a memorial archive in a 2000 sqft area in our factory and school compound. Relevant steps will be taken through this archive to promote consciousness on the topic so that we don’t have face another tragedy like spectru-aswad-tazrin-mongla and like rana plaza.
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