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Fully in Compliance

Oporajeo Limited aims to become the quintessential company exporting jute goods from Bangladesh. Oporajeo has formed a strong bond with its workers and clients. As a worker-first company, Oporajeo acts as a bridge between customers and workers. Since its establishment, the eco friendly jute goods exporter has been continuing to work on maintaining compliance for the workers. Be it social, ethical, environmental, or quality system, Oporajeo excels in ensuring a family environment for the workers. As a member, the company runs under the guidelines of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). BSCI is under Social Accountability Accreditation Service and gives SA8000 certification. The certificate is an internationally accepted standard for industries which are willing to work under full social compliance standards.

fully compliance

The standards provide guidance on the following criteria:

  • Child Labour
  • Forced or Compulsory Labour
  • Health and Safety
  • Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary Practices
  • Working Hours
  • Remuneration
  • Management System
Oporajeo has clear policy instructions regarding all the aforementioned criteria and the company management follows those instructions to ensure an employee friendly workplace. BSCI also audits the progress of Oporajeo Limited regularly to check and provide feedback on compliance issues in the company. The company also trains its manpower about the fire safety standards to ensure a disciplined and efficient evacuation during any fire hazard. It believes sustainable Health and Safety measures must be followed to become a leading jute bag manufacturer in Bangladesh. So, it maintains ‘Fully in Compliance’ to provide the customer with unparalleled choice and value in jute, and leather goods, to treat each commitment with sincerity and integrity, and to build a dynamic and driven company that can attract, develop, excite and shine in the global market.

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Fair Business Practices

Fair business practicesOporajeo Limited assures fair business means for all its consumers and workers. As a jute and leather goods manufacturer and exporter, the company believes its hardworking workers and respectable clients are the most valuable aspect to run the business. It gives highest priority to ensure a fair business policy under European Standards. It conducts the business fairly, adhering to ethical principles and refraining from any forms of unfair means, contributing to social and economic development while maintaining fair competition in the market.

Oporajeo protects the interest of its consumers and their rights to information. It exports the products supporting eco-friendly options. It cares about the manufacturing practices and strives for zero defects in its products. The quality of each and every product is also important to Oporajeo. Therefore, Oporajeo ensures quality inspection just before making any delivery. The buyers get access to proper information about products such as jute and leather bags, jute baskets and other goods. The company is not only focused on selling the products, rather Oporajeo also affirms a prompt after sales service. The management ensures fair prices for the consumers and maintains fair packaging policy to the satisfaction of all clients.

Oporajeo believes in its producers and always both producers and company treats each other because of its strong bond. Meet our producers –>

Strong R&D

Strong R&DR&D stands for Research and Development. Oporajeo believes that a strong R&D team can help a company improve significantly and stay relevant in an ever changing world. As R&D identifies the weakness and finds ways to develop, it is of utmost necessity for every established company to own a quality R&D team. Oporajeo Limited owns and boasts of its in-house R&D team. Since 2019, the team has been working for this company and has produced outstanding results. The team has worked on product quality, technology, supplies, and design. The poster production of Oporajeo, Jute, Jute bags, and other Jute products have been made more polished as per the international standards. The design and the longevity of goods have upgraded over time. Now, the jute bag production has more unique designs to offer. The upgradation of these products was possible because of the efforts of its R&D team.

Oporajeo is already popular for its jute based products, but the company wants to expand in leather goods production. And to achieve the goal of its expansion in leather the R&D team has been playing a vital role. As the goal of this company is to deliver the best product at the cheapest rate possible, the R&D team continues to work on upgrading the quality and design of all products. Currently, buyers from European countries such as France, Germany, UK, and Italy, and other buyers from the USA and Japan have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of products from Oporajeo.

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Eco Friendly

eco-friendlyGlobal Warming- the problem tops the chart of all problems in the world. A simple step of unawareness about this problem can put the world in a hazardous situation. The problem is increasing rapidly due to unethical practices and lack of awareness among the industries. Oporajeo acknowledges the terrible future awaiting us if the environment is not nurtured enough. Oporajeo is an exceptional and emerging business that operates following Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM). Eco friendly, Oporajeo uses the word to express its approach towards a healthy, sustainable, and environment-friendly option. Already, the aspects of the supply chain have been formed according to GSCM.

The workers enjoy a safe and healthy environment with zero pollution in the workplace. The supplies are collected through natural means. Also during production, no harmful chemicals for the workers and the environment are used. Oporajeo produces jute and leather based products. And the company follows a proper waste management system so that the pollution and subtracts from production are purified into the environment. Oporajeo has been continuously working to increase the quality of its products and has been successful in having an eco-friendly solution.

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Energy Engineering

The technological advancement of civilization has created vast opportunities. But alongside vast opportunities, it has created many negative externalities causing much harm in the form of environmental pollution. The proper check and balance between technology and nature are vital. Especially in factories such as Oporajeo, where technologies are used to produce goods. Companies have the responsibility to eradicate the possibility of pollution. Energy Engineering is the perfect measure to counter any possible threat to the environment. Oporajeo has taken eco-friendly options to reduce the harmful effects of technology used in production. Sustainable resource management and intensive research establish the introduction of new technology. The safety of the workers and environment is the highest priority of the company. So, strategies and assessments of proper working conditions are updated at a regular time interval. Oporajeo ensures that it meets the needs of its clients while having an uncompromising mindset about the security of future generations.


diversifiedThe global market of jute and leather products is undergoing constant change in terms of demand and supplies. The recent destruction of Covid-19, the biggest pandemic in over 100 years has shaken the global economy. This also has its impact on the market of RMG, jute and leather. To tackle such a state, companies have to be diversified so that they can cope with the trends and demands of the current and future market. Oporajeo, although a relatively new factory, successfully managed to recover from the loss in this pandemic. Research and hard work are two key simple points behind the success of the company.

The company introduced leather products (leather bags, leather accessories etc.) with its specialty, jute products (jute bags, jute baskets etc.) as a coping mechanism with recent trends. It expresses the skill of management and flexibility of Oporajeo, and the trend of diversification with the touch of upgrading, this eco friendly company promises to develop more in the future.

Largest Sewing Section

Oporajeo owns the largest sewing section with about …… sewing machines. The workers assemble in the sewing section to produce quality products. International standard of distance between each machine is maintained for better output from the workers. Oporajeo has always been a worker-friendly venture. So, the company looks after the satisfaction of workers by providing them with a healthy working environment. In this era where not only Covid-19 is damaging the industries, but also other diseases are lurking around to cause different problems. The eco friendly company, as their production quality is maintained, also ensures environment issues are covered in the working place. The sewing section is the most important part of a factory working with fibers, Oporajeo acknowledges that and is prepared to deliver every quality product on time.

A Full Service

Oporajeo Limited provides a comfortable service structure so that the clients do not feel any dissatisfaction through the process of collecting their desired products. The company was established in 2018, and since then, they have gathered all the necessary attributes to provide a full service. Now, the excellent management and worker teams can ensure all the aspects of excellent merchandising. Oporajeo is also proud of its supply chain management procedure, the team also excels in providing the right materials at the right time despite sheer difficulties. The excellence of all the teams of Oporajeo has made the company confident in declaring it as capable of providing a full service, from production to delivery with perfection. To get the best Jute and Leather bags, jute baskets and other products, with excellent and eco-friendly full service, Oporajeo can be your goto place.

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Excellence in Merchandising

Jute & Leather bags, jute baskets and other goods with the most excellent raw materials and attractive offers! All in one place, in Oporajeo Limited. The company ensures an extensive management system that looks after the whole production process. The quality of the products are of international standard. Also, the ratio of order completion is close to hundred percent. Oporajeo believes that the satisfaction of its customers is the key to developing the business. So, the company instructs its management to ensure the clients are coming back to order from them and become regular. Since 2013, after the establishment of the venture, Oporajeo has been successful in acquiring the desired results. All have been possible because of the hard work, effort and skills of both the management and the workers. The workers are provided with the best home environment they can get and the whole production system is eco friendly. Oporajeo would like to invite anyone who wants to visit the working facility of the company. With the work of the R&D team, from collecting raw materials to production, quality control and on-time delivery, the company is fully prepared to provide the best business experience to its customers.

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Quality Product

To any business, compliance with fair practices begins with quality production. Oporajeo promises to provide quality products no matter what the situation is. From collecting raw material to the promised final good, there are quality control employees who ensure the production quality is up to the mark. The company mainly follows international codes to maintain its quality. It requires an overall effort, after sampling the raw materials, the goods are processed through a selection system. Oporajeo collects the raw materials keeping in mind that the materials are better for the environment so that the identity of this company as an eco friendly one does not get bruised. There are a few steps followed by this company after choosing the perfect raw material.

Firstly, after selecting the raw material, the properties of each material are ordered. Then the materials go through an intensive testing period where in the lab, the quality of those raw goods are prioritized. Then the raw material is rearranged and sent to different departments as per the quality test. The quality check department also has liaison with the cost department. So that in the process of managing the quality, the price still stays reasonable for the buyers. Necessary alterations are made as per the clients are concerned. And after the whole process of production is completed, the quality control department checks every product before delivering them to the clients.

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On Time Delivery

Oporajeo excels in providing the fastest delivery to its respectable clients. The last stage of a supply chain, delivering products, is more important than all other stages. It is because the order is completed only when the goods are delivered. Clients tend to enjoy the delivery-timing of Oporajeo Limited. As Oporajeo will ensure the client gets the desired and quality products before the deadline, not a day after. So in this company, on-time delivery of finished jute and leather goods gets the highest priority while maintaining product-quality. Oporajeo does not disagree with the fact that delivering a product on-time is the toughest part for a factory. But it is also believed by them that the most professional factories will comply with deadlines better than other factories. Oporajeo knows the facts and has successfully taken the challenges of providing the best delivery experience for the clients. With a glorified history of past brief successes in delivering the products online, Oporajeo can proudly express that they promise and are capable of producing on-time delivery every time a client’s order is taken.

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