Oporajeo Agro

Est. January, 2017

Established in 2017 Oporajeo Agro works in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in the South-eastern region and Haor (Wet Lands) area in the North-eastern region of the country. We have implemented two large scale farming projects in the Thanchi Sadar area. A high-yield papaya farm with the help of the local agriculture office and a banana farm with our own arrangement have been established in Thanchi Sadar area. In total Oporajeo Agro is cultivating 30000 banana and 72000 cashew nut plants on 350 acres of leased land.

Oporajeo is also supervising several teams in Thanchi Sadar area for producing pickles and processing hazardous chemical-free spices using natural preservatives and selling them in the local and international markets. We are the pioneer in producing high value crops such as Cherry Tomato, Squash, Black Pepper, Cardamom and more in the hilly areas. As part of another scheme, Oporajeo has engaged three teams from the three villages to produce handlooms under the supervision of experts. We’ll buy the handlooms to produce high-end fashion items. We piloted floating steps vegetable farming in the largest sub district of Asia, Baniachong. Red spinach, Bottle Gourd, Palm etc. have been successfully grown on 1200 square feet of floating beds in total.

Also we have cultivated a herbal garden in Modhupur of Tangail district where we aim to grow 428 types of medicinal plants and herbs. 28 such products are already available in Fresh Mart. Our other priority is to establish an easy supply chain for the local farmers, who have been deceived for years, to market their agricultural and handmade products. In future, they will lead the supply operations themselves and compete with the middlemen.