Fresh Mart

Est. January, 2020

Launched in 2020, Freshmart is our initiative to source organically grown safe agro products from small-scale farmers which we then directly sell to consumers or supply to small retailers at competitive prices. Under this project we are creating a detailed database of almost 10,000 small farmers whom we would gradually provide training on modern agricultural techniques, organic farming and advanced agricultural equipment and machineries. We also intend to equip the farmers with low-cost yet highly efficient agricultural equipment as well as the production process of nutrient rich organic compost.

The agro produce which we collect from our enlisted farmers are then transported to our sourcing hub and from there to our multiple delivery hubs and outlets. Freshmart has dedicated transportation logistics.

We already have one sourcing hub with a fully functioning processing plant as well as multiple delivery hubs and outlets in the nation’s capital and most populous city Dhaka. We also act as wholesalers for small retailers operating not only in Dhaka but multiple major cities of Bangladesh such as Chottogram, Narayanganj, Rajshahi etc. Gradually we would increase the number of our sourcing hubs and processing plants and open more delivery hubs and outlets in Dhaka as well as other major cities.

Our comprehensive approach includes highly productive sustainable farming, fewer intermediaries, fair prices for both producers and consumers, profit sharing with farmers which would help them move up the socio-economic ladder, convenient and fast online shopping, conservation of indigenous crop varieties, ensuring traceability of safe food products, R&D for inventing affordable nutritious food products to ensure nourishment of the large section of the Bangladeshi population living below the poverty line, establishing a knowledge-sharing network of farmers, creating a community of health-conscious and ethical customers concerned with the quality of food they consume and the well-being of the farmers who produce them and last but not the least vast number of employment opportunities.