Est. March, 2021

A high quality fashion products brand of Oporajeo launched in March, 2021. Kalindi shows Oporajeo’s intent to cater to the domestic apparel consumers. The most successful members of the Oporajeo family are high value jute goods and ready made garments export.

After 8 years of relentless effort we at Oporajeo are now proudly bringing our jute made products and apparel for the consideration of the domestic consumers. Considering the purchasing power of the domestic consumers we are ready to provide high value apparel and accessories for the most affordable prices and still make a profit to ensure fair compensation for our workers. Kalindi is the evidence of our highly efficient and low waste production process.

Respecting, caring for and fairly compensating our workers as well as avoiding needless luxury by the management have all allowed us to increase production to a great extent while reducing cost at all levels. As a result we are now able to offer high quality jute goods and apparels within the affordability of our growing middle class.