Residential Free Primary School for Indigenous Children (2018-2020)

Education is an important element for any society. It is one of the five primary needs of every individual. It is also considered to be the first step for a society to become developed. Because educated individuals can use their learning to bring new ideas to life. This is the most sustainable form of development. To address this form of development in the most pleasing manner, Oporajeo has started a school in an almost inaccessible village at Thanchi, in 2018. 

The school started with only twenty students. But the response from the local indigenous community overwhelmed us as the number quickly rose up to 123 in just three months. Children from four indigenous groups and nine villages started to attend classes. The school supported the primary education of these students, from preschool to fifth grade.

After running the school for several months, we started to notice that the transportation of these indigenous students had become a problem as those areas were not so easy to move freely. Oporajeo included a residence system in August 2018 to address this problem. The locals applauded us by admitting 160 students in 2019. 

This school from Oporajeo is completely free. It also provided the students with three meals per day and other facilities including clothing. A total number of seven people including teachers, chef and nanny received permanent employment because of the school. Oporajeo would spend 1 Lakh 5 Thousand Taka each month to run this school. Unfortunately, the school has been closed since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.