Distribution of Rare Kunailboro Seeds among Farmers

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Since ancient times, this area was famous for the massive production capability of her soil. Even now, being one of the smallest countries around the world, Bangladesh is one of the biggest producers of rice. In fact, currently Bangladesh holds the fourth position worldwide in rice-production. This was possible as high-breed rice was introduced along with new technologies. But in the meantime, Bangladesh has lost many popular local rice that were once the identity of each place inside Bangladesh. Tangail was famous for producing a famous local rice called Kunailboro. But with time, this rice has lost the interest of the farmers. Slowly it went on the verge of being extinct. Oporajeo believes that these rice are our tradition and unique identity. The expansion of Kunailboro rice is also important. So, to relive the rice, Oporajeo distributed rare seeds of native Kunailboro rice among 25 farmers at Dhanbari Upazila in Tangail.  Before this initiative, this rice has not been cultivated for the past ten years. Apart from this worthy distribution, Oporajeo also distributed a component of making organic fertilizer. The farmers got earthworms to produce Verm compost and different medicinal plants from Oporajeo.