Grocery Pack for Unemployed Poor People (2020)

The ongoing effects of the pandemic were not only physical but also imposed a diverse effect on different sectors. It massively affected the mental, social and economical state of individuals. The employment of low-end workers and day laborers became jobless. The street hawkers, small business owners, transportation workers were all out of the opportunity to work. Oporajeo thought that it was a duty as an established company to stand with these people who unfortunately became unable to work given the situation. To relieve these unemployed families even a little, Oporajeo has provided grocery packs for free. During the first three months of lockdown in Bangladesh, Oporajeo served 470 packs of groceries. Each pack contained one month’s worth of raw cooking material for a four member family. The distribution centered around the industrial area of Kashipur in Narayanganj.