Relief Blankets Distribution among Underprivileged Indigenous Community

Oporajeo has an unwritten policy to cooperate in helping people to have a better life. There are a lot of people thriving for a bit of support to move ahead in the long run. Oporajeo keeps showing support for those who are in need. Similarly in 2019, Oporajeo provided relief blankets during winter among the poor people living in the hill tracts of Bandarban. At Thanchi Upazila in Bandarban, Oporajeo successfully distributed blankets among 1200 people living under the poverty line. These 1800 gram high quality blankets were distributed among people from 13 villages. Oporajeo also ensured the presence of local elected leaders while distributing winter relief. The honorable State Minister (Currently the Minister) of Chittagong Hill Tracts Bir Bahadur Usoi Singh was also present.