Oporajeo Build GFS at Aung Thowi Pru Para, Tindu, Bandarban Hill District (April 2018)

Aung Thowi Pru village is almost inaccessible, located in the hill tracts of Bangladesh. It is situated in Tindu Union of Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban. About 32 families live in this village. Like all the other villages around, this village dwellers also face the scarcity of pure drinking water. The only available source is a very small Jhiri which is about 3 KM away from the village. But this Jhiri cannot give them support for twelve months in a year. In the dry season, the Jhiri does not provide sufficient water for four months. The villagers had to face severe scarcity of water. But it is known to all, how important water is to live. Without enough water for four months is a great task in this modern era. So, the people here have to save water for four long months only to support their need to drink. That is indeed a tough task to complete each year. But every individual has a right to drink pure water. But the indigenous community living in the most peripheral areas without proper roads and transportations systems cannot help themselves alone in some cases. Well, in most cases these people are self-sufficient. But their methods are more like mixed with mother nature and they know little much about modern technologies which can ease their pain even by little.

The developing community, an NGO, provided a GFS in 2013 for the village in Tindu. But to add to their misery, it went dysfunctional only after 3 months. That is when Oporajeo came to rescue. A new and developed GFS was made to support their need of drinking pure water. With a five layered high-class filtering system, landslides enduring water inlet and sustainable pipeline, the GFS has been fully functional for three years without facing any problem. The locals also helped to build this GFS, and Oporajeo had to spend only 1 Lakh 50 Thousand Taka.